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Create DIY Product Catalogs

Why pay someone else to create your PDFs? Do it yourself!

D2D - EXCEL to PDF Converter from Innovation First

Digitalize your Publications

Transfer your Print Catalogs, Brochures into Interactive Catalogs

BCB - e-Catalog Builder from Innovation First

Extract Content

Formulating, Profiling & Matching

About ActivePoint

ActivePoint's vision is to enable Small and Medium sized companies, and even large ones, to easily and cost effectively create marketing and sales product brochures and catalogs. The resulting PDFs can be used for either printing purposes or as online interactive catalogs. Our software is designed to be used by anybody - meaning that it is simple to use and you don't have to have any graphic design experience. We like to think that we empower our customers and their sales teams by enabling them to create and publish on a per need basis

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Impact Products:
"The great thing about D2D is that somebody else can work on the proofing and they can make the corrections without being a designer."
Pam Mills, Marketing Content Coordinator.

GBP Business Direct:
"Earlier this week we were awarded with University of New Orleans' business. It could mean about 20K in monthly supply business. The catalog you created played a key role. Showing him this added another layer of uniqueness. Just thought you should know."
Tommy Moore, Vice President of Sales.

FSI Office:
"Just wanted to stop for a moment and say Thank You for taking good care of us. Your kindness and service has been exceptional. Its nice to have that in a business relationship. Thank You!!."
Carolyn Collins, E-Commerce Manager and John Cassady, Advertising Manager.

Taylor Business Products:
"We are very satisfied with the catalog - The ActivePoint team has been great to work with."
Angela Wilbourn, Sales Administrator.

Produce DIY Product Catalogs with the D2D Online Catalog Creator - no Special Design Skills Needed

Whatever term you use, we can easily and cost effectively create them all. Our D2D - Data to Design tool is a catalog/flyer design maker that enables you to easily produce these publications. Upload your product data into the design tool and follow the steps. Select the look/template you like best or create your own. Add logos, cover pages and branding and press the button and you're good to go with either HTML or PDF as the output. The HTML version can also embed our behavior tracking technology.

Convert your PDFs into Interactive Digital Catalogs with the BCB Online Catalog Publisher

Some people just like a good book and we provide the next best thing for those that do. Let your customers move through those pages. Our automated service will convert your PDF's into books easily using self service tools. Alternatively, our custom catalog's are hand built to your specifications, branding and can automatically update themselves for when prices and stock change. Better still our embedded business intelligence silently tracks your customers behavior so you can gain valueable insights into what they're doing. Pricing is specific to your requirements so please get in touch for a free quote.

Extracting Content: Formulating, Profiling & Matching

Today content is so important. Creating customized logic according to each of your important documents we can extract your content and information from your different publications. This information can then be used in your PIM system and displayed in an organized fashion online.

Customer Analytics, Insight & Behaviors

The marketing media we produce embeds advanced user tracking that allows us to match your web users against our locality intelligence database for unprecedented insight over and above how people may interact with your online media.

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D2D - Data 2 Design

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