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D2D - Create Online and PDF Product Catalogs, using your Products Data

Easily create customer targeted sales and marketing material

Activepoint D2D Web system - Easily Online and PDF Product Catalogs, using your Products Data

Keep costs down and your information in-house. Use ActivePoint’s D2D Web to Print Catalog SAAS system to produce marketing and sales material, formatted catalogs, flyers or price lists. There is no longer any need for outsourced publications. Simply upload your product data into our wizard and follow the steps. After telling the wizard which columns contain what information you then choose the template you like most, add personalized information like logos and branding and your good to go with either HTML or PDF as the output. Perfect for creating customer specific marketing material. Target your customers and drive them to your website. Highly suitable format for Smartphones. Hyperlinks easily embedded within the publication at no extra cost.The HTML version embeds our behavior tracking technology.

How to create DIY Product Catalogs and Flyers with ActivePoint D2D Online Interactive Software?

Know your customer - target them with what interests them ...

Your customers will see that you care about them when they receive a publication with products and information that meets their needs. Working with D2D really is easy and cost effective as you will see below

How to create a new catalog using ActivePoint's D2D online Catalog Creator?

How to create a catalog with pre-designed templates,your product data and products images - Choose a template, upload an excel and create your products catalog PDF

It really is this simple. Step 1: Select a template. Step 2:Upload your excel - of course the excel has to have the appropriate columns. Sample excels are provided as well. Customize the PDFs with your logo, background page, colors etc. Step 3: Click the create button and download your PDF. You can then digitalize the publication using ActivePoint's BCB system. That's it - it is really that easy.

Pricing - £ / $ Sterling Dollar

Excel to PDF or HTML

Starting from 99 cents per product SKU


Custom Work

if you have many SKU's or wish to build a catalog

Video Tutorial: How to create a catalog with pre-designed templates, your product data and products images?